AAE is a Chicago native. Her life experience is colorful working primarily as an outdoor adventure guide in Colorado and Central America. She recently pivoted her career to complete a degree in Digital Art and Design. As a multimedia artist she explores various techniques including graphics and photography. As a producer she helps create theatrical pop-up fashion shows. A Jane of All Trades with a lot of real world experience, she now focuses on combining art and science. Her work evolves from a personal meditation practice. Music, nature, skiing, and laughter are essential to her soul.
I am an artist who plays with light, color, and contrast. I enjoy editing digital photography into abstraction to turn everyday mundane images into something extraordinary. I develop large scale art for the public, yet also make it accessible to the individual.
My goal is for my invention to assist in the evolution of human consciousness. I created Visual Meditation Art in 2019 and work to scientifically prove the biological benefits of VMA. I create "art with a dual purpose" - aesthetically pleasing and uplifting, yet also a simple tool to center and ground your energy. VMA is vitamins for your eyes - a healing modality for use in professional therapies, and private settings like your home office. 
The core intention of my artwork is to nudge people's awareness back into the present moment. I believe that our energetic currency is the most valuable thing we can possess. Despite the technological advancements of the world, I feel the most important thing human beings can do is learn to be mindful of our emotions and be present within our minds and bodies. Our human potential is most powerful when we look within ourselves, reconnect to the energy of our heart, and also to the energy of the planet. Doing this inner work allows us the perspective to be compassionate for others to create a better world for everyone.
"To be grounded, to be ourselves, and be alive in the present moment -  that is the best gift we can give ourselves, others, and the Earth." AAE. 

If you would like to apply to collaborate on the development of Visual Meditation Art please use the contact page.

A webflow page for Visual Meditation Art: https://visual-meditation-art.webflow.io/
- 2020 KCAD Art AND Scholarship award recipient.
- 2020/21 Kendall Portfolio Scholarship recipient. 
- 2021 KCAD Award of Excellence grant winner.
- 2021 Ferris Foundation Opportunity Award grant winner.
- 2021 Telluride Arts featured artist.
- Summer 2021 Ottawa County Area Trust photography award winner. 
- Summer 2022 Washtenaw Artists in Recovery art show.
- Art Prize 2022 Grand Rapids, MI KCAD Top Ten award recipient.
- 2023 Graduated with academic honors from KCAD.

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