AAE, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design, is a creative visionary whose work evolves from meditation. By blending art and science, AAE creates uplifting images that pave the way for a new industry of healing artwork.
Mission & Vision Statement
I am an artist who plays with light, transforming everyday images into extraordinary experiences. My work spans large-scale art installations for corporations while remaining accessible to individuals. By combining art and science, I aim to uplift the energy of environments and encourage viewers to embrace the power of the present moment.
In 2019, I began creating Visual Meditation Art© to support my own meditation practice. Today, I research the benefits of viewing this art on the human body. Visual Meditation Art allows for open-eyed meditation, serving as "vitamins for your eyes."
I believe the solutions to our problems are simple, and that our personal energy is the most valuable currency. Despite external advancements in technology and material wealth, we must also nurture our internal biology.
Human potential is at its peak when we look inward, reconnect with the energy of our hearts, and repair our relationship with the planet. This inner work empowers us to create a better world, fostering joyous and harmonious lives for all.
I explore consciousness through a dedicated commitment to my sobriety and health. I abstain from ingesting chemicals, caffeine, preservatives, processed foods, and addictive substances. The clarity of my body allows me to achieve deeper states of meditation, and healed my body from a debilitating illness. Music, nature, skiing, and laughter are also essential to my soul.
"What we seek externally is already within us. Our bodies are vessels for energy to flow through. To be grounded, true to ourselves, and fully present in the moment is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, others, and the Earth."
I am open to discuss collaborations with corporations, and also on the development of Visual Meditation Art.

- 2020 KCAD Art AND Scholarship award recipient.
- 2020/21 Kendall Portfolio Scholarship recipient. 
- 2021 KCAD Award of Excellence grant winner.
- 2021 Ferris Foundation Opportunity Award grant winner.
- 2021 Producer Lily Guilder Fashion Show at Camp V, CO.
- 2021 Telluride Arts Show featured artist.
- Summer 2021 Ottawa County Area Trust photography award winner. 
- Summer 2022 Washtenaw Recovery art show.
- Art Prize 2022 Grand Rapids, MI KCAD Top Ten award recipient.
- 2023 CU Boulder Cannabis & Psychedelic Symposium artist.
- 2023 Graduated with academic honors from KCAD.
- 2023/24 Producer of the (Im)Mature Masculine Podcast Link.
- 2024 winter/spring Monroe Community Church featured artist.
- 2024 Artwork on display at Clear Sky Eyecare, Grand Rapids, MI.
- June 2024 Featured Artist at Hall Street Bakery, Grand Rapids, MI.
- Art Prize 2024 Featured Artist at Clear Sky Eyecare
- Member Art Prize Selection Committee at Monroe Community Church
- Sixth Street Bridge, Art Prize 2022 entry, on display at the Embassy Suites Hilton Grand Rapids, MI.

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